Chitech Solutions provides enterprise-level storage solutions designed to optimize performance and capacity utilization. Partnering with renowned brands like Huawei, Oracle, IBM, EMC, and HDS, our range of storage products caters to diverse requirements, spanning entry-level to high-end enterprise applications, Big Data management, vertical industry applications, and cloud storage needs.

Our flexible storage solutions amalgamate SAN and NAS features for enhanced versatility, while some integrate primary and backup storage functionalities. The convergence of solid-state and hard-disk drives within certain products significantly elevates performance levels, ensuring an exceptional storage experience.


  • Storage Consolidation
  • Storage Visualization
  • Disaster Recovery & Planning

As the top-tier partner, we boast a team of certified professionals renowned for their extensive expertise and hands-on experience. They excel in delivering comprehensive end-to-end solutions across various domains including Servers, Storage systems, Engineered Machines, Linux environments, Virtualization technologies, Disaster Recovery strategies, High Availability setups, and Data Integration encompassing replication and migrations. Our team is dedicated to providing unparalleled excellence in these specialized areas, ensuring robust and tailored solutions for our clients.

We have partnered with Oracle, Huawei, IBM, DELL, EMC, HDS and Red Hat.

CHITECH delivers solutions geared towards deploying mission-critical business applications on a cutting-edge enterprise infrastructure. Our focus is on achieving exceptional performance, ensuring compliance, bolstering security measures, and enabling scalability for diverse workloads—all while maintaining a competitive cost structure. We strive to provide an environment that supports extreme performance and meets the stringent demands of modern business applications.